Office of Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs are supported by grants or contracts. The Office of Sponsored Programs serves CMC faculty, staff, administrators, and partner organizations to bring in additional financial resources to support CMC’s Strategic Plan.

Federal, State, corporate and local funding sources are available, including nonprofit funding.

The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for:

  • providing and approving internal proposal approval forms (see below)
  • monitoring compliance with Federal guidelines and college policies;
  • organizing grant-writing teams;
  • providing access and training on eCIVIS, CMC’s grants management service, to faculty, staff and administrators;
  • performing internal audits of CMC grants and contracts;
  • providing grants training
  • proposal writing
  • is the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for CMC grants (non-capital projects)

CMC Foundation

Before you submit a grant proposal to non-governmental funding organizations, please be aware that the CMC Foundation may already have a relationship with that funding source. You can contact the Office of Sponsored Programs to obtain a list of organizations that require Foundation approval before submitting a grant application. Also keep in mind that you may be able to use the 501(c)(3) status of the Foundation when applying for grants with that requirement.

Institutional Research (IR)

If you need data for your grant proposal, please contact the Department of Institutional Research.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

For those of you collecting data on human subjects for your grant, please take a look at the Institutional Review Board page.

Purchasing and Contracts at Colorado Mountain College

Everything you need to know about purchasing and contracts for your grant can be found at the CMC Purchasing and Contracts Department.

Requirements For Proposal Submission on Behalf of CMC

Step 1 - Concept Approval Step 1 - Directions For Completion

This form ideally is submitted 4 – 6 weeks before a proposal is due. It insures that only one party will be applying for a particular funding opportunity, that the concept is well aligned with CMC’s Mission and Strategic Plan and informs the AOR about the timing and requirements for submission

Step 2 - Proposal Approval Step 2 - Directions For Completion

This form is the required final approval before a proposal can be submitted for CMC.