Writing and Submitting Proposals

The Office of Sponsored Programs at CMC can help you write and submit your proposal for funding

Submitting Proposals

There are several ways to submit proposals for funding opportunities. Below are links to some of the most important sites for electronic submission.

This is the site used to conduct business with the U.S. National Science Foundation.

This is a system used by a variety of Federal agencies for viewing grant opportunities and submitting grant proposals.

This is the main system used by Federal agencies for viewing grant opportunities and submitting grant proposals.

“How To” Write a Grant Proposal

While CMC does offer training to faculty and staff on “how to” write grant proposals, the links below are provided to supplement that training or to serve as refreshers. A quick Internet search will find hundreds of similar free resources.

Colorado Common Grant Application
This is a common grant application accepted by several grant-makers in the state of Colorado. You are able to fill out the application online, save it to your computer, and then submit it to a particular grant-maker.

A Guidebook for Federal Grant Reviewers
This guidebook is designed to teach you all about the Federal grant review process so you can become a grant reviewer. You will learn how the process works, what all the terms mean, tips on how to be an effective reviewer, and, finally, how you can be considered to be a grant reviewer. For proposal writers, it will give you insight into what grant reviewers look for when reviewing your proposal.

<strong>Overcoming Your Grant Writing Fears</strong>
Thirteen things you need not fear.

Non-Profit Guides
These are free grant-writing tools for non-profit organizations, charitable, educational, public organizations, and other community-minded groups. The guides are designed to assist non-profits through the grant-writing process.