O’Connell, Elizabeth

Elizabeth O’Connell, Adjunct Professor of Sustainability Studies

Elizabeth O’ConnellEducation

  • Ph.D. in Sustainability Education, Prescott College
  • Masters of Science in Environmental Studies (Environmental Education), Antioch University New England
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Arkansas

Sustainability Studies Courses

  • SUS 300, Foundations of Sustainability
  • SUS 301, Systems Thinking
  • SUS 311, Integrated Science
  • SUS 489, Capstone Project

Scholarly Interests: 

Waste reduction, behavior change, wildlife behavior, public education, biospheric interdependence, social justice.

I have emphasized the intellectual and emotional connections between humans and the natural world, throughout my 27 years as an educator. As members of the earth’s biosphere, I feel it is imperative that we learn to combine our scientific knowledge and ethical understanding to create sustainable systems capable of nurturing all forms of life, now and in the future. I believe the B.A. in Sustainability Studies program at CMC allows students to develop a personal understanding of the issues, tools, and methods needed to create such systems. My experience in both environmental education and research has demonstrated to me that people are capable of changing their attitudes and behaviors as their understanding of the need for change increases. My travels across the globe have reinforced my belief in the need for change and the ability of humans to adapt. Although my personal research focus is centered on sustainable behavior change, I encourage my students to find their passion within the field of sustainability. Then, we work together to find ways to bring that passion into practice.

Contact Information:

Location: Glenwood

Phone: 970-366-0327

Email: eoconnell@coloradomtn.edu