Canvas: Gradebook & SpeedGrader–with Draft State!

May 5, 2014 – May 8, 2014 all-day GMT0
Office of Innovations

Welcome to Canvas: Gradebook & SpeedGrader.

Estimated time on task: 6 hours.

This course introduces participants to the Canvas Gradebook and SpeedGrader tools and assumes that participants already have some experience using Canvas, or have taken Canvas: Basics Online or another Canvas training. This session will take place completely online in the Canvas learning management system, at This course will include:

  • clarifying the kinds of graded items that Canvas offers
  • creating graded items and how to utilize the new Draft State “publish” and “unpublish” options
  • opportunities to practice using the Canvas SpeedGrader to grade various kinds of assignments
  • opportunities to practice inputting grades, messaging students, and muting assignments in the Canvas Gradebook
  • practicing creating Assignment Groups and a weighted total
  • the opportunity to ask a Canvas expert your grading questions

This training will take place over 4 days: it begins on Monday morning and ends Thursday evening. We will not rendezvous at any set times. There are deadlines for each day’s work to keep the group moving forward together, but participants may work on the assignments each day at any time of day or night, from any computer (PC or Mac) with an Internet connection and Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

In addition to these tasks, the group will also be communicating via the course discussions. Participants will be engaging with Canvas as students and will carry out some of the assigned tasks in the Canvas course for this training. However, some of the tasks must be done outside of this training’s course, in a “sandbox” course where each participant will have an instructor role. This “sandbox” course will be provided for course participants.

Gabrielle Orsi

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Gradebook & SpeedGrader