Hydrology Class Field Trip

April 4, 2014 @ 8:30 am – 3:00 pm GMT0
Jacob Mohrmann

On Friday April 4th 8:30-3:00 the NRE 122 Hydrology class will be taking a field trip to several fascinating local facilities.

1st stop:  Otero/Homestake Pump Station.  This is the building up on the hill between Granite and Buena Vista.  This pump station is part of the massive Fry-Ark water project.  We will be learning about this extraordinary engineering project that delivers water from several high altitude holding reservoirs, through the continental divide, and eventually to water users on the Front Range.

2nd stop:  Leadville Sanitation.  What happens after water goes down the drain from your shower, sink, toilet, storm drain? Find out at the Leadville Sanitation facilities.  See firsthand, the step by step process of treating waste water.

3rd stop:  Parkville Water.  Ever wonder where your drinking water comes from? How clean it is?  Come visit with Greg Teter, General Manager of Leadville’s Parkville Water District, and learn how clean our water actually is at the top of the watershed.

Space is limited and is on first come first serve basis. Please contact Jacob Morhmann (jmorhmann@coloradomtn.edu) as soon as possible if you are interested in joining the NRE 122 class on this exciting field trip.