When Ice Ruled Leadville

July 26, 2014 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm GMT0
Leadville Campus
Judy Green

Photo of VInce Matthews

Dr. Vince Matthews, one of the top experts in the field of geology, is leading this one-day workshop. Participants will never look at this region’s scenic beauty the same way after this day of studying it first-hand. Leadville’s spectacular scenery reflects a time when ice covered and formed much of the landscape. It was a time of valleys filled with thousands of feet of ice; of 600-foot-deep lakes forming, then catastrophically emptying in a day.

Participants will learn to read the signs of this classic glacial terrain in the field. Generations of geologists all over America have studied Turquoise Lake in their classrooms. Now you can study its marvels first hand. Follow the glacially dammed lake from Malta to Buena Vista. Experience periglacial features such as patterned ground, rock glaciers, and sackungen.