Intro Natural History: Focus on Colorado

January 13, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – 7:50 pm
CMC in Carbondale
690 Colorado Ave.
CO 81623
Class Description

The natural forces of change and environmental evolution will be studied in relation to current global and local ecology. Geology, weather, soil, ecological principles, life histories, and identification of representative flora and fauna are included.

Emphasizing Colorado, this class is a survey of the natural world, including climate and geology, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, and evolution. Examines the relationship between physical and biological components of environment and how these affect, and are affected by, humans. This class includes a required field trip on Saturday, April 25. Text required.

Faculty: Allen B. Crockett
Meets: T,TH, T,TH, S • January 13, 2015 – April 30, 2015
Refund Date: January 29, 2015
Credit Hours: 3.0
Syn# 87525

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