New Student Orientation

August 16, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Debra Arnold

Image of college students in the outdoorsIf you are a new student planning to attend or enroll in fall classes at our Glenwood Center, Carbondale Center or Aspen Campus, we recommend you attend our orientation to help set you up for success!

Learn about:

  • CMC Resources including financial aid, scholarships, tutoring, disability services and career services
  • Strategies for College Success
  • Student Tools such as “Basecamp” and “Student Planning”

Before attending please complete your CMC Admissions Application and placement testing. Placement testing are group advising are held at the following times: August 15 at noon in Carbondale, August 14 at 4 pm in Glenwood, or August 16 at 9 am in Aspen. Please call ahead to sign up.

Glenwood Center, 970-945-7486
Carbondale Center, 970-963-2172
Aspen Campus, 970-925-7740