Relationships 101

Class Description:

During this fun and informative evening, participants will review and evaluate what they are doing that gets in the way of their relationships, develop understanding of how the brain impacts behavior, learn how to tame their reactions, and learn how to create strategies for more effective behavior. Attending this class will help people identify and commit to new, effective strategies that will enhance their relationships.

Instructor Sarah Ludington is a therapist who specializes in helping clients in relationships. She has a private practice in Glenwood Springs that focuses on couples counseling and trauma work.

The price covers two participants (second person must register for the free section), and this could be a couple or any two people (friends, relatives, coworkers) who want to improve their relationship.

Faculty: Sarah Ludington
Meets: T • June 20, 2017
Refund Date: June 16, 2017

First person, please register for Syn# 07333

Second person, please register for Syn# 07334

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