Summer Drawing Class

July 23, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm GMT0
Colorado Mountain College in Edwards
150 Miller Ranch Road
White River National Forest, Edwards, CO 81632
Kim Blackford
Drawing of a mountain scene.

Learn to draw with local artist Lenka Sage.

Summer Drawing with Lenka Sage

Wednesdays, July 23-August 13, 1-5 pm at CMC Edwards

Many people are afraid to draw, but the truth is that drawing is not as hard as it seems. If you can relax, get

your mind around the task, and begin to understand what you see, you can draw. In this 4-lesson course, you’ll learn how to

analyze what you see in the world around you and communicate it on paper. Through hands on projects, and guided by a

professional artist, you will explore the critical concepts of line, mass, form, perspective, value, and composition, building

a solid foundation for all your art and design work. You will also delve into complex drawing techniques involving value,

color, and contemporary stylistic approaches. Most importantly, you’ll also discover that drawing can be fun. Did you know that

spheres have inner edges? Or why artists measure with their thumbs? Grab your charcoal and chalk pastels…this course is

your first step to developing your craft as an artist. Syn # 86274

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