The Money Choice

Class Description:

Money and finances are sometimes considered four-letter-words. People have many fixed opinions, problems, and limitations around money. This series of 3 classes offers a different possibility. By playing a board game that simulates real life financial situations, participants can see how their points-of-view, self talk, and learned behaviors are actually hindering their capacity with money. Learn through play. Games usually last from 2-3 hours and snacks are provided.

Alex Corio invites curiosity, possibility and awareness into all aspects of life and encourages these attributes in others. There is also a discounted price for two individuals registering together (see below).

Faculty: Alex Corio
Meets: W • June 21, 2017 – July 5, 2017
Refund Date: June 19, 2017

Individuals, please register for: Syn #07015

Cost for two people registering together: $130
First person, please register for: Syn #07016 ($130)
Second person, please register for Syn #07017 (Free)

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