CMC Grand Avenue Bridge Camera

Live video of demolition and construction of the Grand Avenue Bridge in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

We mounted a video camera on top of the Colorado Mountain College Central Services building in downtown Glenwood Springs. Visit this page anytime, day or night, to watch the around-the-clock work.

Grand Avenue Bridge Time-Lapse: Start/Finish (Short)

Grand Avenue Bridge Time-Lapse: Start/Finish (Long)
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Video of bridge section collapse during demolition, Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Colorado Mountain College’s central administrative office is located immediately adjacent to the bridge under construction in Glenwood Springs. Given this proximity, CMC installed a live streaming camera on its roof to record the construction of a new bridge in the Roaring Fork Valley, a major event for the region. The unexpected collapse of a large section of the old bridge on the evening of August 15, 2017 was captured by CMC’s camera. A clip of this incident is above. CMC is relieved to know that no one was injured during the event.

Be Informed About the Project and Detour

Visit the official Colorado Department of Transportation website for information about the project, detour and alternative transportation.

CDOT / CO 82 Grand Avenue Bridge