Aberger, Johann

Johann Aberger

Associate Professor of Sustainability Studies and Outdoor Education

970-947-8237 | jaberger@coloradomtn.edu
Location: Spring Valley Campus
Office: 203, Calaway Academic Building

Johann AbergerEducation

  • MA, International Relations and Social Justice, Prescott College
  • BA, Kinesiology and Outdoor Education, University of New Hampshire

Sustainability Studies Courses

  • SUS 321 Leadership, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
  • PHI 218 Environmental Ethics

Relevant Interests

  • Sustainable leadership, consciousness studies, activism, and outdoor education
There are three things I live for:
  • Climbing sandstone towers in the desert with family and friends,
  • Coffee milkshakes, and
  • Working with a group of people who are committed to transformational growth and learning.
I’m involved in the Sustainability Studies degree at Colorado Mountain College because I believe in Edward Abbey’s philosophy that it is not enough to fight for the natural world, but that we must also enjoy it. I believe humanity is at a tipping point, and I am proud to be working on creative solutions that encourage personal evolution, constructive risk-taking, and self-actualization. For these reasons, I work with hundreds of business and community groups from across the country on building culture through adventure-based experiences. I  support the Association for Experiential Education in a variety of leadership positions, and above all, I seek to be a conscious human being in many roles including life-long student, teacher, parent, husband, and friend.