Canvas Maintenance Schedule


If we are anticipating a scheduled outage for Canvas, we will notify users via a system-wide announcement in Canvas and/or CMC email and/or other methods. You may also contact the Service Desk to confirm if Canvas is functioning properly. To check whether Canvas is running normally, please visit Instructure’s Announcements Page for breaking news on Canvas, including outages and technical issues bulletins. You can also follow @canvassupport on Twitter for news about Canvas.

System Maintenance and Important Dates

There is no plan to delete any old Canvas courses from the Canvas learning management system at this time. The default storage quota for your Canvas course is 500MB; please contact the Office of Innovations in Teaching and Learning via email at or the Service Desk if this storage quota is insufficient for your needs. 

At a certain point after the end of a semester, we set a conclusion date for that semester’s courses. That term’s courses should go to a read-only mode at that date. This read-only mode is called “concluded” status. Concluded courses should be automatically removed from your immediate course dropdown list, unless you opt to “View all courses.” By clicking on the “View all courses” link at the bottom right corner of your course dropdown list, you’ll always be able to view all of your Canvas courses, regardless of their status (active or “concluded.”)  Click here to learn more about the various states of a Canvas course.
We do not recommend that you “conclude” your Canvas course yourself from the Settings section, as doing so will hide your Gradebook and course roster from your view. Concluding your own course does set it to read-only, “concluded” status but more items will be hidden from your view, so we recommend simply allowing the term end date to pass, and letting your course become “concluded” automatically by the system. If you do conclude your course yourself, it can be reversed, but only by an administrator. To undo a course conclusion that you’ve carried out, you will need to contact the Office of Innovations in Teaching and Learning via email at for assistance with un-concluding your course.