Richard C. Martin Grant

Funded by CMC for in-district high school students. In the early 1960s, Dick Martin joined with others of his community to establish the Colorado Mountain College District. Once the college was established, Dick was elected to the Board of Trustees where he served for 14 productive years. When Dick retired from the board in 1984, his fellow board members established the Richard C. Martin Grant to help local young people pursue their education.

Eligibility. Student must have a high school diploma or equivalent G.E.D., have attended high school in the Colorado Mountain College District, meet in-district residency requirements and complete associate degree requirements at Colorado Mountain College within five years following initial enrollment at the college. Courses completed while the student is still enrolled in high school are not eligible for this grant. The student must complete a two-year degree program at Colorado Mountain College before he or she is eligible to receive the Richard C. Martin Grant to assist in completing the remaining two years of a baccalaureate degree at CMC or another four-year degree granting institution.

Award Amount. The grant amount is determined annually by the Board of Trustees. Typically, this amount approximates the cumulative tuition the student paid to CMC for credits required and earned as part of their chosen two-year degree at Colorado Mountain College.

Application Process. The application for the Richard C. Martin Grant is available from any campus or center at the time of admission to Colorado Mountain College. The application may be completed at any time during the first semester in which you are enrolled and within two years of your high school graduation. Contact the Colorado Mountain College Financial Aid office for more information.