Join Us in Reading Mishna Wolff’s “I’m Down”

CMC’s Common Reader engages students, staff and community members and culminates with local author visits

Cover of Mishna Wolff’s memoir, "I’m Down." Mishna Wolff’s memoir, “I’m Down,” tells the story of her life as a painfully shy white teenager living in a poor African-American neighborhood while attending an elite private high school. Her witty, hip recollections of growing up torn between two very disparate cultures explores what it means to be black and white in contemporary America.

In preparation for Mishna Wolff’s visit to CMC campuses this fall, all faculty, staff and students are encouraged to read the book during the summer or the early fall. Instructors of all disciplines are invited to create learning activities around this year’s common reader.


 Go to Mishna Wolff’s website.

 Download an electronic audiobook copy of “I’m Down” through the Virtual Library.


Watch: Mishna Wolff reading from her book, “I’m Down.”