Peter Huber

Peter HuberAdjunct Faculty of Outdoor Studies
Steamboat Springs and Leadville Campuses

After receiving his A.A. degree from CMC’s Steamboat Springs Campus, Pete followed his passion for the outdoors to Prescott College in Arizona and completed his B.A. in Outdoor Education. Since that time, he has worked extensively with CMC’s Outdoor Programs in Leadville and Steamboat Springs, Outward Bound, and in private guiding. Some of his favorite outdoor pursuits include sea kayaking, backcountry skiing, and climbing of most any kind.

Pete has traveled the Baja Peninsula and the Gulf of California for over twenty years, kayaking, hiking, and driving for well over two years on many annual, personal trips. He has also participated as student and staff on numerous Baja California journeys with CMC, including the former Outdoor Semester in the Rockies Program, and four Ocean Orientation sea kayaking courses based out of the Timberline campus. Additional open ocean sea kayaking instructing experience with the Timberline campus includes approximately 150 days in coastal waters of the U.S. and Canada, as well as approximately 80 inland water days at Lake Powell, UT.