Aerial view of the Vet Tech center and the C.A.R.E. Animal Shelter on the CMC Spring Valley campus.

Animal Shelter Management Certification

Earn the nation’s only certification in Animal Shelter Management

Explore your love of animals and become a standout in a growing field. The Animal Shelter Management Certification at Colorado Mountain College puts you ahead of the rest with direct access to a successful animal shelter and a 220-acre Vet Tech farm.

The C.A.R.E. Animal Shelter offers Animal Shelter Management students unique opportunities to learn and work outside of the classroom. The facility, conveniently located at our Spring Valley Campus, provides exceptional care and services for hundreds of homeless animals, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and more. This real-life shelter environment gives you the unique opportunity to:

  • Participate in the daily activities of a working shelter
  • Connect with mentors in the field
  • Provide an optimal, disease-free environment for sheltered animals
  • Facilitate appropriate and loving adoptions
  • Secure adequate funds for shelter operations
  • Maintain positive community relations
  • Make plans that benefit animal welfare in the long-term

There will always be animals in need of safe and loving homes. Become a part of the solution with a certification in Animal Shelter Management.

You can complete the certificate by itself or as an added specialty following your Veterinary Technology degree.

 Download the Animal Shelter Management Brochure (pdf)