Microbiology students work with microcropes during a lab at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat.

Associate of Science Degree at Colorado Mountain College

Start your hands-on science education in the heart of the Rocky Mountains

Make the Colorado Rockies your classroom! Study weather on a mountaintop or sample water from a snowmelt stream. Learn about the forces that shaped the earth as you walk through river canyons and glacial valleys.

Get an Associate’s degree in:

An Associate of Science degree from Colorado Mountain College is your ticket to a future in science. The hands-on experiential foundation you build here will transfer smoothly to a four-year institution. The world awaits your scientific discovery! Get a head start at a reputable, affordable institution.

Photo of students learning about stream ecology.

Save money for later

With the money you save during your time at Colorado Mountain College, you’ll have more to spend when it’s time to transfer. Colorado Mountain College is a member of the new Colorado State Guaranteed (GT) General Education Curriculum, which means you’ll be guaranteed a full transfer of your Associate of Science degree to public colleges and universities in Colorado.

Students transfer from Colorado Mountain College to universities across the state and country.  Our long-standing reputation for quality academic preparation has allowed us to pioneer transfer agreements with many competitive four-year institutions.

See where our students have transferred. Yes, there are some Ivy League schools on the list.