A Colorado Mountain College anatomy instructor works one-on-one with her student,

Hands-On Associate of Science Degree at CMC

Four CMC campuses focus on different science topics with hands-on experience

Each Colorado Mountain College campus focuses on special areas in science for our Associate of Science two-year degree program:

  • CMC in Leadville emphasizes biology, chemistry and environmental concerns.
  • CMC in Spring Valley is equipped for chemistry and physics courses and also emphasizes biology and geology.
  • CMC in Steamboat Springs is strong for physics and biology, and is equipped with a science lab for both.
  • Edwards and Rifle campuses offer the Associate of Science degree with a range of science and math courses.

Networked computer labs provide current hardware, software and broadband Internet connection for our Associate of Science degree program.

Outside the classroom, the Rocky Mountain West is your science laboratory. You might study geology in the Colorado San Juan Mountains or the Grand Canyon, biology on a mountainside with a herd of bighorn sheep, or astronomy on a clear mountain night. Field experience is offered frequently, and a unique benefit of a two-year program.

Science teachers at Colorado Mountain College are passionate about showing students how science works in the world around them, not just on the chalkboard.