Residency and Tuition Classifications at CMC

How to determine whether you are a resident in the CMC District

Colorado Tuition Classification Law

Tuition classification is governed by state law (Colorado Revised Statutes 23-7-101, et seq., 1997). That applies to all public institutions of higher education in Colorado. Colorado Mountain College does not have discretion to make exceptions to the rules as defined by state law. Colorado Mountain College rigorously enforces tuition classification, as mandated by State statute. Each CMC campus has a tuition classification officer that can assist you answering your questions.

How Is Tuition Classification Determined

The information you provide on your admission application tells us if you are a resident or non-resident of Colorado for tuition purposes. To be a resident, you must have lived in Colorado for 365 consecutive days prior to the first day of classes for the term in which you wish to enroll, and you must show that you intend to make Colorado a permanent home. If you are under the age of 23, your parent’s or legal guardian’s information on the application determines your residency classification. Students under the age of 23 who are independent must complete an emancipation document to have their own address information used for classification.

For more information, visit the State of Colorado website or contact a tuition classification officer at a local Colorado Mountain College campus or site.

Colorado Mountain College District

A person who has lived in Colorado for at least one year, has met all State tuition classification requirements, and has lived in the CMC District for at least 32 days may qualify for the “in-district” tuition rate. See our district service area map.
Lawful Presence

On August 1, 2006, the Colorado legislature enacted HB06S-1023 which requires that all persons 18 years of age or older must provide proof that they are lawfully present in the United States prior to receiving public funds from the State. The law states that all public institutions of higher education must verify each student’s legal presence within the United States before granting them in-state or in-district tuition. Any person 18 years or older seeking in-state or in-district tuition status must prove lawful presence. More information can be located at Colorado Department of Higher Education.