Learning Outcomes for Sustainable Cuisine

The Sustainable Cuisine curriculum provides students with an understanding of the principles and ethics of sustainability as they relate to our food system as well as the knowledge and skills required for a successful career enhancing the sustainability of our food system.

The program combines classroom education with hands-on laboratory experience in culinary arts skills and agroecology. The goal of the program is to prepare each graduate to enter the workforce ready to succeed in this growing field.

Program Competencies/Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the contemporary food system and opportunities to enhance foodservice sustainability.
  2. Develop knowledge of classic and contemporary cooking and baking techniques representing a variety of cooking styles.
  3. Develop an understanding if professional practices, communications, organizations and career opportunities in the field of sustainable cuisine.
  4. Demonstrate professionalism and teamwork in producing a wide variety of classical and contemporary dishes.
  5. Apply critical thinking skills and life-cycle analysis to balance the evolving environmental, economic and equity impacts of foodservice options to promote sustainability in decision making.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to grow, harvest and preserve food to maximize quality.
  7. Identify cost-effective techniques for enhancing the sustainability of foodservice operations through facility design, operational practices, menu development, procurement, production and waste management.

Colorado Mountain College Sustainable Cuisine is a State of Colorado approved Career & Technical Education program.