Graphic Design Graduates

Zach French
photo - Zach French

Great Base Knowledge & Skills

“CMC gave me a great base knowledge of graphic design and the skills to put that knowledge into use. Glenwood was great place to study and network. My professors have been great contacts after school, answering questions and growing my network.”

Zach French is currently doing Product Development for Zephyr Hats. See

Crystal Aschmann
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Solid Start

“The Graphic Design program prepares you well for starting in a design position. You get your basics down well so that when you go out there it’s at your fingertips, so you’re not second-guessing.”

Crystal Aschmann was hired as the Graphic Designer for Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association right after graduation. Her work has won numerous national and regional awards.

Erin Rigney
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Effective Visual Communication

“The Graphic Design program at Colorado Mountain College helped me learn to combine my artwork with type and other elements to produce effective visual communication.”

Erin Rigney is the owner of Rainy Day Designs. National clients include Cloudveil and Malden Mills, maker of Polartec

Jennifer Weis
Jennifer Weis, Web Designer/Production Manager at Blizzard B&B Marketing in Glenwood Springs.

Encouraging Environment

“The instructors and the curriculum at Colorado Mountain College gave me the encouragement and knowledge to continue my education and achieve goals in graphic design.”

Jennifer Weis is the web designer and production manager at Blizzard B&B Marketing in Glenwood Springs.

Mike Heinrich
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Real-World Skills

“You can get as much out of the program as you want. When I got out and started working, I found that they taught all the skills you would actually use instead of just theory. I talked to people who have gone through other design schools and I found out that they don’t really get the real world skills that are needed. You get a good base of technical skills at Colorado Mountain College. This is definitely a great place to go to school.”

Mike Heinrich has experienced steady professional growth since his graduation from CMC. He started as a production artist at a direct marketing agency in Denver, working his way up to the position of Art Director. After that, he created full lines of collateral materials for Lasik and plastic surgeons at a small design firm. He is now the Creative Director at Blue Onion, a full-service marketing agency.

Colleen Power-Converse
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Design Employed

“I started working in customer service at Eve’s Print Shop in Edwards when I was in the Graphic Design program. Once my learning through Colorado Mountain College was completed I went to work in their design department and I’m now able to live in Vail, working only one job.”

Colleen Power-Converse works at Eve’s Print Shop in Vail, Colorado.

Gloria Farmer
Photo of CMC Graphic Design Program graduate Gloria Farmer.

Balancing School, Work & Family

“Colorado Mountain College was a great opportunity as a non-traditional student, being able to still maintain my professional and family responsibility along with continuing my education. The graphic design program gives you a strong foundation for design, whether you‚re pursuing higher education or expanding on your skills in the work place.”

Gloria Farmer is a successful freelancer in the Glenwood Springs area. She creates company websites, business cards, and brochures, and is involved in web marketing.

Chris Conlin
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Moving On & Up

Chris Conlin is graphic designer for the performance mountain bike group at Specialized Bikes. After completing his AAS in Graphic design at Colorado Mountain College, Chris entered the prestigious School of Illustration at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. You can view some of his work at

Leslie Rodriguez
Leslie Rodriguez

Beyond Expectations

“Colorado Mountain College went beyond my expectations. Everything I learned prepared me to start working in the industry right away. When I decided to further study at the Art Institute, it gave the confidence and knowledge I needed to succeed. There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing work you love.”

 Leslie Rodriguez graduated from Colorado Mountain College’s graphic design program in 2008. She transferred to the Art Institute of Sacramento and she earned a degree in Web Design, Development and Interactive media. She recently opened her own graphic and web design business, lracreative in Denver, Colorado.