Learning Outcomes for Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Program’s curriculum gives students the diverse skills needed for employment and growth success in the Graphic Design field. The Graphic Design program incorporates professional business practices, career options, ethics and a liberal arts foundation.

Program Outcomes/Competencies

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of a Macintosh computer and flatbed scanners. Students will also become proficient in the use of QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator software and have knowledge of color printers and different printing technologies.
  2. Understand how a service bureau works.
  3. Acquire knowledge of the difference between vector and bitmap graphics.
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking by coordinating work between a designer, client and printer.
  5. Demonstrate an appreciation of cultural, social, political, environmental, and historical aspects and will learn to recognize the names of various famous designers and illustrators.
  6. Demonstrate creative and technical abilities in drawing and painting. Knowledge of color theory and how to apply it.
  7. Understand terminology used in the graphic design industry.
  8. Acquire knowledge of researching and purchasing stock images and how to practice the legal and ethical use of art and software. Learn basic copyright laws for the visual arts.
  9. Knowledge of what a brief is, and how to take one.
  10. Knowledge of designing a logo, a newsletter, a poster, a folded brochure, and a multiple page publication from concept to completion as well as understand the concept of “branding” and corporate identity and how to use the basic concepts of design for advertising purposes.
  11. Understand the basic digital workflow for graphic design projects and how to prepare electronic files for printing and finishing operations.
  12. Knowledge of how to use a digital camera.
  13. Understand how to select and use appropriate art materials for illustration and demonstrate a variety of illustration styles and techniques.
  14. Recognize basic type families and styles and how to select type to enhance design pieces.
  15. Develop a professional resume, business cards, and letterhead design as well as how to conduct a job search and gain familiarity with the types of jobs available in the graphic design industry.

Colorado Mountain College Graphic Design is an accredited State of Colorado Career Technical Education program.