Natural Resource Management Faculty & Staff

Your teachers are experienced in real-world natural resource management issues

You will learn from faculty and staff who are experienced in solving real world problems for industry, non-profit groups, and government.

Your instructors are professionals who work in local land reclamation projects, assist the government, monitor water quality and assess environmental impacts. Their expertise is especially strong in real-world environmental and natural resource management issues.

NRM Faculty

Watch video of Kato Dee, Colorado Mountain College Natural Resource Management faculty.Kato Tsosie Dee
Natural Resource Management Department Faculty
Office: 719-486-4222
Cell: 719-221-0892

Mr. Dee obtained his Bachelor and Master’s of Science in Geology from the University of Kansas and is currently pursuing a PhD in Geochemistry from the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. Dee’s current research involves the role of the various types of dissolved organic carbon on the toxicity of heavy metals in aquatic systems in the Rocky Mountains. Mr. Dee has over five years of experience in the environmental consulting industry with The RETEC Group Inc., and MFG Inc. His expertise’s are in the areas of environmental geochemistry and hydrogeology. He participated in projects that involved hydrocarbon remedial efforts in petroleum refineries in Wyoming and Missouri, geochemical assessments for environmental heavy metals (i.e. lead, zinc, uranium, cadmium, etc), Phase I and II RCRA environmental site assessment activities, GIS, and various hydrologic assessments (TMDL’s, flow characterization, and contaminate transport). Mr. Dee also was an instructor of Geology at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, CO for two and half years

NRM Staff

Catherine Patti
Contract Administrator CMC/NRM Student Internship Program
Office: 719-486-4232

Ms. Patti obtained her Bachelor of Science in Marketing / Finance from the University of Southern California. Ms. Patti has over 12 years experience in public administration including grant and contract management with local government entities. Additionally, she has successfully written, was awarded and administered over $2.5 million dollars in grants for projects ranging from environmental restoration to construction and historic preservation.

Jacob Mohrmann, Assistant Project Manager and Adjunct Faculty, Natural Resource Management.Jacob Mohrmann
Project Manager and Adjunct Faculty
Office: 719-486-4236

Mr. Mohrmann obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Northwest University in 2003 and his Master of Science in Geology from University of Montana in 2007. Following graduate school Mr. Mohrmann was employed as a hydrogeolgist for an engineering firm in Montana. Mr. Mohrmann holds a license as a Professional Geologist in the state of Utah, and while his expertise is in hydrology, he enjoys learning new skills and working in all areas of environmental science. Mr. Mohrmann joined the NRM team in 2011 and currently helps manage the CMC NRM internship program. In this position, he oversees various aspects of projects from field team management, sample collection, construction oversight, data analysis and risk assessment. As an adjunct faculty Mr. Mohrmann has taught hydrology (NRE-121), advance hydrology (NRE-221) and field monitoring techniques (NRE-127). He’s passionate about the natural sciences and his excitement is contagious both in the classroom and in the field.

Science Faculty

Dr. Sandra Harting
Dr. Mark Cole
Joe Nachtrieb
Nancy Cain