PRESERVATION & RECLAMATION  NRM program graduate Craig Bissonnette became project manager for the Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety.

Graduates of the Natural Resource Management Program at CMC

Success follows Natural Resource Management graduates

Greg and Diane Ambrose
Photo - Diane and Greg Ambrose in their 1986Morgan.

Combing Work and Passion

“We chose to attend the NRM program at CMC because it offered a combination of practical experience and more traditional classroom learning. The instructors also brought with them solid academic knowledge and extensive practical experience. This combination of practical and academic knowledge seems to be essential when getting jobs in the natural resource arena.”

Greg and Diane Ambrose enrolled in the CMC’s Natural Resource Management associates degree and Field Technicians certificate programs to help them move into a new career field. A month after graduating in May 2014, they began working for the Bureau of Land Management. The work allows them to combine work in natural resources with their passions for hiking, paddling and exploring the country in their 1986 Morgan.

Alfred “Tait” Duus
Photo of graduate Alfred "Tait" Duus

Practical Experience

“I truly value my experience at the Colorado Mountain College. In four years at a traditional university, I did not gain the practical experience I gained in half the time at CMC. It is the practical experience that counts in today’s competitive job market.”

Alfred “Tait” Duus worked as a landscape supervisor in Palm Beach, Florida after graduating from the Natural Resource Management Program. Currently, he and his fiancee are exploring Mexico and Guatemala. He hopes to find some environmental field work in Guatemala.

Christy Cleaver
Christy Cleaver

Developing Confidence

“The NRM program at CMC exposed me to an abundance of interests involving our natural world and gave me the confidence needed to continue to pursue my education.”

Christy Cleaver transferred to Colorado State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Forest Biology and Natural Resource Management. After hiking the Appalachian Trail, she is attending Colorado State University’s graduate program in Ecology, studying Forest Pathology.

Jacqueline Kniss
Jacqueline Kniss

Best Environment Possible

“NRM and CMC are great because you learn and gain experience in the best environment possible through the amazing faculty, industry equipment, field work and networking opportunities in the program.”

Jacqueline Kniss enrolled in Colorado Mountain College’s Natural Resource Management Technician program after earning a bachelor’s degree at another college in order to gain more practical, hands on experience in her field. After graduating from CMC in 2012, she was hired by the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife, where she is working on a study of bighorn sheep survival rates in the Arkansas River Valley