Our Mission and Vision for the Colorado Mountain College Nursing Program

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) Vision is committed to being our communities’ first choice for “learning, partnerships, and leadership.”
The mission of the CMC Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program is to promote excellence in nursing education through a comprehensive curriculum which cultivates the pursuit of excellence by instilling lifelong learning in students as they progress towards becoming competent, knowledgeable, caring nurses. The vision of the CMC nursing program is committed to educating competent, knowledgeable, caring nurses who are well prepared to practice within dynamic healthcare systems. The nursing program’s focus is guided by a respect and a commitment to lifelong learning and maximizing the success of our communities and partnerships. Faculty and students apply the core values of CMC: truth, trust, respect and responsiveness to our relationships with each other, our healthcare partners and our community.
In keeping with the mission of CMC, the nursing program serves the needs of the community as the first choice for learning. We engage our students and communities as learning partners. Our education reflects diverse perspectives and cultures while identifying and attempting to remove barriers and limitations. The Nursing Program is deeply involved in our community and committed to outcome-based nursing education.
The CMC Nursing faculty engages in continuous quality improvement by systematically collecting and using data to ensure student learning and program outcomes reach established levels of achievement. The CMC nursing program focuses on an outcome-based education. The program outcomes are guided by evidence-based research and practice. Evidence-based research in nursing creates evidence-based practice for positive patient care outcomes.