Graduates of the Aspen-Roaring Fork Outdoor Education Outdoor Education Program

Amy Marino
photo of Amy Marino

Skills and Knowledge

“With the skills and knowledge I have gained from CMC I have had the opportunity to work as a Mountain Coordinator for a local summer camp, as well as come back to CMC as an Instructor for some of their Outdoor Education courses!”

Amy Marino graduated from CMC in 2008 and returned in 2009 to complete the Outdoor Education program. She recently graduated from Prescott College with a Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education Program Administration.

Bobbie Robinson
photo of Bobbie Robbinson

Confidence and Skills

“The CMC Outdoor Education Program has given me confidence and skills that will help me for the rest of my life, far beyond any rapid or peak.”

Bobbie Robinson is currently involved with multiple recreation agencies working as a guide and instructor helping with many areas of outdoor related adventure and education. She is also an EMT, planning on continuing with paramedic school and finishing a degree in Biology.

Emily Geraci
photo of Emily Geraci

Leadership Values

“As a student at Colorado Mountain College, I have found the career field that will continuously provide excitement and adventure for myself. The Outdoor Education program gives students extensive resources to grow personally and infuses individual leadership values; with far out field courses to practice and apply a wide range of skills.”

Emily Geraci was raised in the mountains and has been enjoying the fresh air for as long as she can remember in Alaska and Colorado. Backpacking, rock climbing and snowboarding have become lifelong favorites of hers. After graduation from Colorado Mountain College with an Associate of Arts in Outdoor Education she plans to move to Durango and continue her education at Fort Lewis College, in hopes of earning her Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science to teach in secondary education.

Eva Altermatt
Photo of Eva Altermatt

Motivation and Confidence

“The Outdoor Education Program at CMC made a great impact on my motivation, confidence and personal growth. The curriculum offered me the ability to gain skills in leadership, teambuilding, interpersonal communication, wilderness survival and first aid.”

Eva Altermatt plans to continue her education at Fort Lewis College in Durango in the fall of 2011 with a major in Exercise Science and a minor in Adventure Education.

James Skurpey
photo of James Skurpy

Knowledge, Power

“Colorado Mountain College’s Outdoor Education program gave me the knowledge, power and intestinal fortitude to strive ahead in my higher educational goals and life’s experiences in today’s multicultural, fast pace, dynamic environment.”

James Skurpey graduated from the Outdoor Education program in 2007. From there, he acquired a BA in Geography and Environmental Science and a certificate in Geographical Informational Services. He is currently attending the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand for a Masters of Science in Environmental Sciences. He plans to emphasize in forestry.

Jesse Lamb
photo of Jesse Lamb

Personal Development

“Attending school at CMC under the guidance of Dr. Bruce Kime, has been one of the more significant parts of my life concerning my development as a student, outdoor enthusiast and human being in general.”

Jesse Lamb is a graduate of Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley Campus as of May 2010 with an Associate of Arts in Outdoor Education. While in school, he began volunteering with the Colorado Division of Wildlife through the Hatchery department and eventually accredited himself enough to land a seasonal position for the Colorado Division of Wildlife in Glenwood Springs.

Tyler Vaughan
photo of Tyler Vaughn

World of Opportunities

“Colorado Mountain College is where I first found my love for the outdoors. This school showed me what I was capable of. Before CMC, I didn’t know there was world of opportunities just waiting there for me.”

Tyler Vaughan is currently involved in a Bachelor’s Program in Social Science at Ashford University. He is now a faculty Instructor in the Outdoor Education Program, teaching rock climbing and assisting on other outdoor courses. He works in the summer time as a Zip Line Guide in Glenwood Canyon.