SNOW O!  CMC Students learn winter camping skills, including avalanche safety, on overnight trips to the backcountry. Follow the Leadville campus group on one of their excursions.

Outdoor Education Program at Leadville

Develop your wilderness travel and leadership skills while earning an Associates degree in Leadville, Colorado

Welcome to the Outdoor Education program at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, sitting at 10,000 feet with stunning views of Colorado’s highest peak, Mt. Elbert.

Our program has been developed to offer the Photo of backpackers in the mountainsaspiring outdoor educator first-class experience in backcountry travel through mountains, canyons, and rivers. Students will simultaneously take general education courses on campus while spending multiple weekends in the field learning basic outdoor educator skills such as leadership, communication, risk management, and navigation. The program is designed to enable students to join the outdoor education industry with the baseline set of skills potential employers are seeking.

In addition to developing the competence and confidence in all areas of wilderness travel that is paramount to effective outdoor education, we also believe that a thorough understanding of the pertinent natural history of an area heightens the learning experience of students. To this end, we integrate into each field course an in-depth study of local environments, the factors that shape them, and the flora and fauna found therein.

Such integration of environmental studies enables the backcountry traveler the knowledge and awareness to appreciate and explore the wilderness with greater and more thoughtful efficacy.

Program Goals

  • Develop the fundamental backcountry camp and travel skills necessary to effectively lead family, friends, and student in a wilderness setting.
  • Provide practical training and experience in all facets of outdoor education.
    • Risk management, judgement, communication, Leave No Trace Ethics
  • Explore various techniques and provide opportunities to develop teaching styles.
  • Cultivate an understanding of various leadership models and allow for development.
  • Promote awareness of the natural history of the areas visited.
  • Enjoy the beauty and serenity of wilderness areas while earning an Associates degree.

The Outdoor Education Associates Degree and the Certificate of Completion are both offered at the CMC Timberline Campus.

For more information please contact:

Cooper Mallozzi
719 486-4272