Mountain and Rock in the Steamboat Springs Campus Outdoor Education Programon top of mountain cheering

Mountains offer the solace of magnitude and the lure of wildness.  We offer a variety of courses which will get you into the mountains!

Mountain Orientation (OUT 111)
We head into the field for a concentrated field experience in the Colorado mountain environment. Emphasis is on backpacking skills, safety procedures, ecology, geology, geography and group dynamics.

students in mountain snowRock Climbing I ( PED150)
This course introduces rock climbing, building skills in rope handling, knots and balance while climbing on a variety of rock faces. Rappelling and rescue techniques will be emphasized along with safety procedures.

Rock Climbing II (PED 151)
Anchor placements, rope management, climbing systems and seconding leader climbs are covered in this course. Emphasis is on development of intermediate rock climbing skills.

pause on mountain peakWe often combine Rock I and II and offer students a five-day intensive rock course, where you learn the fundamentals of setting top ropes, lead climbing, and techniques associated with safe climbing practices.

Basic Mountaineering (PED 157)
Covered in this course are basic skills required for mountaineering which include route finding, snow and ice protection, ice-axe use, and techniques necessary for safe and efficient non-technical mountain travel in the alpine environment. Development of judgment relating to groups traveling in the mountain environment will be emphasized.