Learning Outcomes for Paralegal

The Paralegal program’s curriculum gives students the diverse skills needed for success in today’s ever-evolving field of law. Students will be prepared for employment in local law firms, courts, and other judiciary and criminal justice career fields.

Program Outcomes/Competencies

  1. Provide fundamental and substantive education in the most common legal fields, such as contracts, torts, family, etc.
  2. Understanding of the legal system, both civil and criminal.
  3. Working knowledge of the United States Constitution and its Amendments
  4. Acquire knowledge of how to correctly comply with the Rules of Civil/Criminal Procedure.
  5. Knowledge of correct legal writing.
  6. Proficient comprehension of court opinions.
  7. Knowledge of legal research options and how to use them.
  8. Knowledge of the ethics required in the legal field.
  9. Proficient knowledge of techniques used for interviewing clients and potential witnesses.
  10. Proficient knowledge of techniques used for assisting the attorney both before and at trial.

Colorado Mountain College Paralegal is an accredited State of Colorado Career & Technical Education Program.