Process technicians in the field in western Colorado.

Careers in Process Technology

A degree in Process Technology from CMC can open the door for careers in a variety of industries

A degree in Process Technology can open the door to many careers for you.  Process technology is needed by a variety of industries. Power plants need it to maximize output and minimize emissions. Waste and water treatment plants need it to monitor industrial waste, environmental impact, and human health and safety. In the pharmaceutical industry, it’s even needed to develop the coating on aspirin.

Your duties will include maintaining a safe work environment; controlling, monitoring and troubleshooting equipment; and analyzing, evaluating and communicating data.

Process industries are predicting a large turnover of process technicians between now and 2011. The job market forecast for this field indicates both a local and national demand as well as long-term career stability.  Current salaries range from $40,000 to $65,000 per year for a process technician with a two-year degree. Across the globe or only across town, job opportunities abound both in local municipalities and in multinational corporations.