Professional Photography School Graduates

What Professional Photography School Graduates are Doing

Elizabeth Moreno
Earn our Photography Degree at Colorado Mountain College

Solid Technical Understanding

“I believe that the solid technical understanding of the media I acquired at CMC will help me immensely in my future career. I think that in any area of photography, dominating the technique is crucial to evolve as a photographer and develop your own style. My goal is to become a documentary photographer and I think the instruction obtained in the program was a great start.”

Elizabeth Moreno received two grants from the State Foundation for Culture and the Arts in Mexico to pursue photographic projects. Shortly after graduation, her work was featured in a full page story in Shutterbug Magazine.

Kelly Sarno

Teacher-Student Relationships

“Photography is definitely my passion because of the moments that I get to capture. One of my favorite parts about Colorado Mountain College was my relationship with the instructors. Also, I’m a very hand on learner and the classes were very reasonably sized. So I got to know my teachers, they were in there every step of the way, helping.”

Kelly Sarno opened Digital Dimensions photography studio and printing lab after graduating the Colorado Mountain College photography program.

Beau Gustafson
Earn your Photography Degree at Colorado Mountain College

Prepared to Assist the Best

“The technical aspects of photography are demanding and to get in the door anywhere you have to be able to demonstrate a great understanding of all the things that go into creating images. I left CMC with the knowledge and understanding to then become the assistant to some of the best photographers in the world who shot for magazines such as Vogue, Esquire, Rolling Stone, GQ, and advertising clients such as Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota. I have traveled around the world working for photographers and for myself. It all started with my choice of CMC. The location is amazing.”

Beau Gustafson is now living in Birmingham, Alabama, where he is the main contributing photographer for Birmingham Magazine while keeping his other clients happy shooting food, fashion, still-life and portraits for advertising, magazines and books.

Pat Davison
Earn your Photography Degree at Colorado mountain College.

On a Pulitzer Prize Winning Team

A runner-up for National Newspaper Photographer of the Year in 1999, winner of the Knight Fellowship to Ohio University to study the Masters Program in Visual Communication, Pat Davison was part of a team who won the Pulitzer Prize for for photographic coverage in 2000. He also produced a photo essay about his mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.

Traverse Zink
Earn your Photography Degree at Colorado mountain College.

Thorough Foundation

“Colorado Mountain College was invaluable in providing a thorough foundation of knowledge in which to start my photography career. Although I am currently shooting 100% digital, I was able to make the transition smoothly thanks to my well-rounded curriculum that included a digital component.”

Traverse Zink, an independent nature photographer

Gabe Rogel
photo - Gabe Rogel

Fine-tuned Eyes

“After completing the professional photography program at Colorado Mountain College, I have enormous understanding of both the technical and business aspects of photography. The program has also definitely fine-tuned my eyes as a photographer.”

Gabe Rogel, outdoor adventure photographer and filmmaker, (Photo by Peter Doucette)

Carr Clifton
Earn your Photography Degree at Colorado mountain College.

Making a Mark

Outdoor Photographer Magazine called him “one of America’s pre-eminent landscapists.” Carr’s credits include: Sierra Club books, calendars, cards; LIFE; National Geographic; Outside; and numerous books.

Carr Clifton, landscape photographer,

Patricia Barry Levy
Earn your Photography Degree at Colorado mountain College.

Solid Technical Groundwork

From the vantage point of a successful career, Patti sees her education at Colorado Mountain College as foundational. “I look back to my training at CMC and think that it was just what was called for – a solid technical groundwork from which to build and grow. I’ve been able to work with whatever format, films, lights and techniques I choose. And I’ve retooled as a digital photographer. Today’s photo market is very much about change and adaptation.”

Patricia Barry Levy (class of 1979) has twenty-three years of professional experience.

Rich Sounders
Earn your Photography Degree at Colorado mountain College.

Fundaments of Photography & Lighting

“Colorado Mountain College provided me with a solid core foundation in the fundamentals of photography and lighting that has helped propel me to where I am today.”

Rick Souders, owner of Souders Studios, one of Colorado’s largest commercial photography studios.


Amanda Roderick
Photo of Amanda Roderick.

Dedication & Desire

“The teachers at Colorado Mountain College were always there to offer help and suggestions. The best lesson that I learned from CMC was to never give up. You can achieve anything you want in this world as long as you have the dedication and desire. Don’t ever let anyone tell you to give up.”

After her graduation, Amanda Roderick opened her own photography company in Colorado Springs.

Mark Gamba
Earn your Photography Degree at Colorado mountain College.

Sports & Adventure

Mark Gamba has numerous corporate and editorial clients including Sports Illustrated and National Geographic Adventure magazine.