Learning Outcomes for Professional Photography

The Professional Photography Program’s curriculum gives students diverse skills needed for success in today’s rapidly evolving field of photography and digital imaging. Students develop skills in visual problem solving and communication in a variety of photographic genres and market areas.

The program also incorporates professional business practices, career options, ethics and a liberal arts foundation. As a program within the Isaacson School for New Media, we also collaborate and adhere to the values and mission of the Isaacson School for New Media.

Program Outcomes/Competencies

  1. Develop knowledge of principles of aesthetics and visual communication and integrate these principles creatively in still and motion based images and in new media storytelling.
  2. Demonstrate thorough knowledge and application of DSLR camera techniques for capture of both still, time and video based imagery.
  3. Develop a thorough and adaptable knowledge of software used in digital imaging and new media storytelling.
  4. Develop complete digital imaging workflow that includes capture, post processing, ethical considerations of digital techniques based on genre and asset management techniques from image capture to image archive.
  5. Apply effective lighting techniques in natural, artificial and mixed lighting in a variety of photographic areas including product, still life and portraiture.
  6. Acquire knowledge of historical influences and movements and contemporary trends in photography and develop vocabulary to evaluate photographic works based on this knowledge.
  7. Identify the primary working methods (conceptual and illustrative vs. journalistic and found moment) within different genres of photography in order to understand ethically acceptable images.
  8. Develop an understanding of professional practices, communications, organizations and career opportunities in the field of professional photography.
  9. Develop a professional body of work and appropriate support material such as website and marketing materials, to showcase personal vision and technical skills.

Colorado Mountain College Professional Photography is an accredited State of Colorado Career Technical Education program.