CMC Ski and Snowboard Business edit video in a Mac lab on the Steamboat Springs campus.

Get Started in a Ski and Snowboard Business Career

Get an international start with a Ski Business Degree

Colorado Mountain College has an international reputation in the ski and snowboard business. International business contacts through Colorado Mountain College can give you a great start in the snowsports industry. Because our Ski and Snowboard Business program was the first of its kind, it is respected by industry professionals nationwide and overseas. With this international business reputation, you can make valuable contacts and gain experience that would take several years on the job.

Study Ski and Snowboard Business at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs. No other college offers such a well-known business program in an international resort setting.

You must demonstrate college-level skills proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics as part of acceptance into this program. Your proficiency may affect the sequence of courses in which you can enroll and may also extend the time required to complete the program.

This program has certain physical and academic standards (pdf) which you will be required to meet before you are admitted to the program. Students accepted into the college’s vocational programs must be physically, mentally, and emotionally self-supportive with reasonable accommodations. If there is a concern about meeting the physical and academic standard, students need to contact the Disability Services Coordinator who will determine the student’s ability to participate in this program.

For more information, contact our Admissions staff at:

Colorado Mountain College
802 Grand Ave.
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601