Sustainability Studies: Lead the Future


Help create a more sustainable world. Start by getting your sustainability degree.

Our global community needs experts who can help meet current development needs without compromising future generations.

Help develop sustainable practices that address today’s challenges with a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies from Colorado Mountain College.

Diagram of the Sustainability principles of environment, equity and economy. (E3)

Our program incorporates the “Three Es” (E3) of Sustainability.

Sustainability isn’t just about the environment. It’s about developing business practices that benefit the environment, the communities affected by these practices and the organization’s bottom line.

Sustainability balances the three E’s:

  • The environment
  • The economy
  • Social equity

Colorado Mountain College offers sustainability courses in:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Ecology and natural resource management
  • Sustainable business
  • Ethics and social responsibility

In these courses, you’ll learn how business, personal and institutional decisions affect the world’s people and economic well-being.

Program at a Glance

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies

Certificates: Sustainability Leadership

Locations: Breckenridge & Dillon, Carbondale, Edwards, Steamboat Springs

Cost: $99/upper level/credit-hour (in-district), $429/upper level/credit-hour (out-of-state)
See tuition information below

Why the Sustainability Studies program at Colorado Mountain College?

Colorado is becoming the epicenter of sustainability. Green industries are flocking to the state, and the clean energy industry is booming in Colorado.

At Colorado Mountain College, you’ll have an opportunity to work on real-world challenges in a beautiful, rugged landscape where many organizations and business are working out sustainability on the ground.

That means you’ll leave Colorado Mountain College armed, not only with a degree, but with hands-on experience and contacts in the field.

“We need sustainability degrees today in the same way we needed computer science degrees in the 80′s. It’s the revolution, it’s the future. CMC’s new program is a welcome and needed addition to the field.”
-Auden Schendler, VP of Sustainability at Aspen Ski Corporation and author of “Getting Green Done”

What classes will I take?

See the full curriculum with class descriptions on the Colorado Mountain College online catalog.

icon_link.gif Sustainability Studies (BA)

icon_link.gif Sustainability Leadership Certificate

What Sustainability Studies careers are available?

With your sustainability degree, you’ll be able to launch a career in:

  • Public administration
  • Marketing and communications for the “green economy”
  • Business management
  • Local, state, and federal government
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Consulting
  • International development


How much is tuition?

Don’t go deep into debt. Find your affordable education here! Colorado Mountain College tuition is one of the lowest in Colorado, and is lower than in-state tuition in many other states. See more tuition information and net price calculators.

Tuition Rates for this program

Status 300-400 Courses
per Credit Hour
300-400 Courses
per Semester*
In-District** $99 $1,485
In-State*** $212 $3,180
Out-of-State $429 $6,435

Special Tuition Rates at CMC

You may qualify for a significant tuition discount at Colorado Mountain College.

Status 300-400 Courses
per Credit Hour
300-400 Courses
per Semester*
Vets & Military Families $205 $3,075
CMC Service Area $205 $3,075
Western States (WUE) $318 $4,770


What’s the next step toward your career in sustainability studies?