Student Clubs for Sustainability Studies

Student working on local food project.

Student working on local food project.

Participating in student clubs is a particularly effective way to develop your personal and professional network and to gain project and leadership experience. Clubs are also fun! They offer you a way to connect with other students who have similar interests. They are vehicles for doing sustainability work that’s personally enriching and professionally relevant.

Following is a list of some clubs with a strong sustainability bent. Other clubs having to do with outdoor activities, writing, fishing, and more may also be of interest to you. If there’s a club fair at your campus, be sure to attend so you learn about all of the clubs related to sustainability that are active on your campus.

Ask your professors and other students about opportunities to participate in student clubs. If you want to start a new club, that’s possible, too. Talk to the Student Affairs staff at your campus about how to do so. Club participation and leadership are excellent professional development experiences that are valuable to include on your resume.

Students for Sustainability (S4S)

S4S is the first explicitly sustainability-oriented club founded by CMC students. The following information is quoted directly from the club’s Facebook site:

Mission: To engage students and residents of Steamboat Springs in a movement that inspires a resilient and conscious community.


Events: Students For Sustainability will provide events and pursue projects that foster integrated knowledge and energy efficient behavior. These events/projects will be opportunities for both students and the community to learn more about sustainability.

Presence: The club will make an effort to represent sustainable students in the community. Members of S4S will create a presence by attending town functions and forums relating to the food system, agriculture, energy, public land use, the water system, and social and environmental equity. By doing so, the club hopes to facilitate the connection between students and the valuable information, opportunities, and resources within our community.

Collaboration: It is important that the club stays connected with the social and natural environment. We pledge to reasonably work with and support other clubs, individuals, and organizations whose efforts align with the S4S mission statement.

Campus: Steamboat Springs

Advisor: Becky Potter, Professor of English and Communication

Beekeeping Club

Honey in the comb from a beehive.

Honey in the comb from a beehive.

The mission of the Beekeeping Club is to educate students, the campus community, and the broader public in Steamboat Springs about the importance of beekeeping and the practice of beekeeping. Our efforts contribute to healthy food systems and healthy ecosystems as well as to the development of knowledge and professional skills among our club members. In spring and summer of 2014, the club established two beehives on the Steamboat Springs campus! One of the hives was established during an all day beekeeping workshop held on campus. Sustainability Studies student Ben Saheb created an excellent video about the workshop and the first beehive at CMC.

Campus: Steamboat Springs

Advisors: Becky Edmiston, Assistant Professor, Biology, and Tina Evans, Associate Professor, Sustainability Studies

Amnesty International Club

This club is especially focused on the social equity aspect of sustainability. The following information is quoted directly from the club’s Facebook site: Amnesty International is a global movement of more than three million supporters, members, and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. Our vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

Campus: Steamboat Springs

Advisor: Bob Gumbrecht, Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Green Teams

Most CMC campuses have a “green team,” a group that helps CMC walk the sustainability walk in its day-to-day operations and educational activities. Students are invited to participate on campus green teams. Green team activities are featured in the Colorado Mountain College Sustainability Facebook site. Green teams offer you an excellent opportunity to put your education to work on the ground and to gain experience as a sustainability leader and practitioner. Ask your professors about green team participation possibilities at your campus.

Campuses: Most CMC campuses have an active green team.

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