Graduates of the Sustainability Studies Program

Meet the first wave of Colorado Mountain College Bachelor of Science Degree graduates

Colorado Mountain College began offering bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Sustainability Studies to its students in September of 2011.

Cody & Tyler Jensen

Tyler and Cody JensenParamount to further life success

The type of education you get here is paramount to further life success: You’re in small classes which challenge you to really think. And, the academics are just as good as if we’d gone to our other potential choices. The combination of the two degrees provided us an incredible learning experience. We are receiving an excellent education, driven by small class sizes, dedicated professors, and a progressive curriculum. My life has changed as the result of my choice to come here.”

Cody Jensen and Tyler Jensen, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Studies
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Ben Saheb
Ben Saheb

Building Connections

“Sustainability Studies taught me how I can help build a better and more interconnected community. I want to teach this through my films.”

Ben Saheb was chosen by Ecoflight to tour the Western US by air to learn about man’s impact on the environment. Read More…