Veterinary Technology Graduates

VET TECH OF THE YEAR Leslie Rockey shares her experience running the Colorado Animal Rescue Shelter on CMC’s 220-acre facility.

Graduates of the CMC Veterinary Technology program go on to work in veterinary offices, run animal rescue programs, or continue their education

Dr. Joanne Tuohy
CMC grad Joanne Tuohy

No Better Training

“This is an excellent program, one of the best in the country. I do not think students can get better training elsewhere. I have worked with veterinary technicians in other parts of the country, and I do not think they could measure up to the kind of graduates the faculty at CMC produce. As a veterinarian, I would most definitely look at someone’s application more closely if they came from the CMC Vet Tech program.”

Dr. Joanne Tuohy graduated from the Professional Veterinary Medicine program at Colorado State University in 2010. While in veterinary school, she was heavily involved in oncology research. She completed a small animal rotating internship at North Caroline State University and is currently in a residency program in small animal surgery at that same institution.

Nanci Limbach
CMC grad Nanci Limbach

Well Prepared

“The general veterinary knowledge I received prepared me to be Executive Director of the wildlife foundation, as well as supervise and implement care and treatment of wildlife in our facility.”

Nanci Limbach is the executive director of the Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation and teaches wildlife management at the Colorado Mountain College Veterinary Technology program.