Tinker, Brian

Brian Tinker, EdD, MFA, Associate Professor, Graphic Design Program Coordinator

Brian TinkerEducation: EdD, Argosa University; MFA, International University; BA, Anderson College, Indiana.

Brian Tinker understands the practical knowledge today’s students need to succeed in the modern design world.

He knows what it takes because he’s done it all. Brian joins the Colorado Mountain College Graphic Design faculty as the perfect mix of an award-winning graphic designer, marketing guru and passionate instructor of forward-thinking curriculum.

“This is the most exciting time ever to be a designer,” said Brian. “The challenges and opportunities are unprecedented. Today’s designer is really a professional communicator, and is expected to communicate via an ever-expanding number of means. They must have a host of skills and aptitudes, including aesthetic judgment, marketing savvy, and technical proficiency. It’s about a lot more than cropping a photograph or setting some type.”

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