Harting, Sandra

Sandra Harting, PhDPhoto of Sandra Harting

A.K.A Miskwa Yellowknife
Associate Professor, Sciences
Discipline Coordinator 

970-486-4269 | sharting@coloradomtn.edu


BS Biology and Chemistry
PhD Ecotoxicology

Professional Associations

President, American Chemical Society, Duluth-Superior Chapter (1988)
American Fisheries Society, MSU Chapter (2005-2006)


Sandra Harding is more commonly known on campus and in the Leadville community as Miskwa Yellowknife. She believes that the role of a university professor is to intellectually challenge students, exhorting them to become good critical thinkers and observers, and for students to be able to formulate explanations of what they observed. She believes in in the value of field components and hands-on experience in and out of the classroom. In her free time, Miskwa is a passionate organic gardener and enjoys many “silent sports” such as ultra-distance running, pack burro racing, bouldering, cycling, nordic skiing, hiking/backpacking, sea kayaking. Miskwa has been published in various scientific publications and scholarly articles, mentioned below. 


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