Sigstedt, Shawn

Shawn Sigstedt, Associate Professor of Biology

photo - Shawn SigstedtEducation

  • B.A. in Biology, Colorado College
  • Ph.D., ABD, Conservation Biology and Ethnobotany, Harvard University

A lifetime of exploring and studying wilderness areas and parks all around the world searching for ways for improving the conservation of medicinal plants and nature has inspired me. One local native species, Osha, being used by both bears and humans for medicine, has captured my interest for a lifetime of research in biomimicry.

My years of living and learning with Native Americans inspired me to continue my studies at Colorado College and Harvard University. My approach to education is positive and solutions-based, and is founded on my travels as an explorer through the South Pacific, New Zealand, Peoples Republic of China, and the Rocky Mountains.

I love teaching biology, and my students enjoy my natural history field approaches to learning native plants and animals and basic biology. In my courses, students also learn about natural healing and functional medicine through stories about Native Americans ahead of their time and daily breakthroughs in biology. Presently, I am publishing my ideas about a global strategic plan for nature conservation. Hope to see you soon.

Contact information:

Location: Steamboat Springs

Phone: 970-870-4444
Office: Bristol 236