Social Media in Higher Education: Legal Considerations

This training covers the basics so that you know what legal issues your social media practices could raise. Learn how to craft strategies to use social media with neither constant oversight nor unnecessary legal exposure. Watch a recorded webinar led by Jacob Rooksby, Assistant Professor of Law at Duquesne University School of Law. A brief quiz is also included in the Canvas course.

Objectives of this training:

  • The importance of creating a social media strategy
  • How to distinguish employees’ personal social media use from institutional social media use
  • The value of providing social media training to employees responsible for using institutional accounts
  • How to build social media training using the material presented in this recorded webinar.

This is a self-paced training offered online via Canvas. Estimated completion time is 1.5 hours. After you register for this training in WebAdvisor, you will gain access to this training’s Canvas course in about 1 day. Enter the Canvas course and follow the directions; you will also find the deadline for completing this training in the Canvas course. If you have any questions about this course, please contact the Office of Innovations at (970) 947-8408 or via email at

WebAdvisor registration information

Please register for this training via WebAdvisor using the following information: 17/SU TRN901 CS05 (SYN: 04498).  Or ask us to register you! Use SYN number 04498.
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