A student at CMC in Spring Valley recieves an award at graduation.

For Parents

How we support students

Career Services is committed to collaborating with faculty and counseling staff on each CMC campus, to provide your student with a seamless educational experience as well as a purposeful career development experience while attending Colorado Mountain College. We provide students with valuable career exploration and job seeking resources and workshops, unique experiential learning opportunities, as well as individualized guidance and support.

Encourage your student

As family members, please encourage your student to take advantage of Career Services during their time at CMC. As they transition into college, we work with students to explore and understand themselves better, so that they can make sound career decisions. We want them discover an area of interest or career path in which they can thrive and prosper.  We want them to seek out experiences that will enhance their education and give them a competitive edge in the job market. And we want them to develop confidence in their professional identity and market themselves well to employers. All of this requires attentiveness to career development activities throughout their time in college.

There are a handful of key ways you, as parents and family members,can have a positive impact on your student’s career development:

  • Become familiar with the resources offered through Career Services and encourage your student to connect with their campus counselor early on, as his/her CMC experience is taking shape.
  • Emphasize the importance of internships and other experiential learning opportunities, including extra-curricular involvement, where leadership skills can be developed.
  • Challenge your student to become “occupationally literate”, if they seem unsure about what they want to do, by encouraging them to examine their talents and strengths with their campus counselor, do research on different fields and talk with faculty members about their interests.
  • Read up on up-to-date job market literature and share what you learn with your student.

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