A student meets with a member of the CMC Steamboat Springs faculty.

Career Services for Students

Where do I start?

Career Services suggests a three phase process to aid you in your career development success:

1. Career/Major Exploration: Choosing the right path

For students still undecided about a major and career, you will first want to spend some time in this section learning about yourself and learning about the various career options that might suit you.

2. Career Preparation: Gaining knowledge, skills and experience in your field

For students who have a career path clearly identified, you will most likely spend your time developing the skills, knowledge and experience that will make you most successful in your future career.  This can include participating in extra-curricular activities and doing an internship. Keep in mind that it’s never too early to start developing a solid resume!  You may need this document if you apply for an internship or job while in school too. So, this section will also include resources to support those all important job documents you might need.

3. Life After CMCThinking about your transition

Once your path is certain and you are progressing through your program of study, you will want to begin thinking about the tools and resources you will need to find a job, transfer to another institution or apply to graduate school.  This section will support those activities.