Welcome Parents and Families to Career Services at CMC

The Career Services staff is committed to working with your student to create both a seamless educational experience as well as a purposeful career development experience while attending Colorado Mountain College. Our office provides students with valuable resources, unique career development opportunities, as well as individualized guidance.

As family members, please encourage your student to utilize our services from freshman year all the way up to graduation. As they transition from student to adult, we work with students to explore and understand their strengths, interests, values and personality traits. We help them discover an area of interest or career they will enjoy and prosper in.

There are numerous ways you as family and parent members can have a positive impact on your student’s development:

  • We encourage you to become familiar with the resources offered through our office and to have your student connect with our Career Services office as his/her CMC experience is taking shape.
  • Read up on the up-to-date job market literature as well as the employer survey included below and share with your student.

Job Offers Linked with Career Services Use

We want you to feel confident in referring your student(s) to our Career Services office. Take a look at the results taken from a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers survey which shows that over seventy percent of seniors with job offers prior to graduation were Career Services users. The more frequently a senior used career services, the more likely he/she would receive an offer.

Career Services assists with:

  • Resume, cover letter, and other career document construction, reviews and critiques
  • Career Advising and Career Exploration processing
  • Internship Guidance and internship search
  • Career Assessments
  • Networking Etiquette, including Social Media Networking
  • Job Search Advice
  • Online Internship and Job Listings
  • Recommendation letters

What Jobs are out there for Bachelor of Science Business Administration graduate or a Bachelor of Arts Sustainability graduate?

Career Services is here to connect, inform, and empower students during their career development journey~We’re looking forward to connecting with your student!