CMC ALERT, the Emergency Notification System for Students and Staff

Be informed of emergencies, including weather closures, on any Colorado Mountain College Campus

Photo of a cellphone with a CMC Alert message.Keep informed with the Colorado Mountain College CMC ALERT emergency notification and warning system. In the event of an emergency or unexpected campus closure, the CMC ALERT system will send a text and voice message to all enrolled cell phone numbers. CMC ALERT will supplement the college’s current emergency communication system which includes intercom, Email, Web site announcements and public media.

To enroll or change your CMC Alert contact information, contact your CMC Campus Front Desk staff. See Campuses/Maps for contact information.

Staff and Faculty
Add or change your contact phone numbers through Click on employee or faculty, and then enter My Profile to update your information.


What kind of alerts will I receive?

This system will only be used to distribute information regarding emergencies that require immediate action.  An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to the health and safety of the campus community or significantly disrupts its programs and activities.  Examples of such emergencies include cancellation of classes due to a fire, flood, unexpected road closures, evacuation of buildings, an ongoing criminal incident, or severe weather.  The alert message will direct you where to find more information or learn what action to take. Less urgent messages will be sent using the college’s e-mail system. Following a warning, the alert system will be used to provide additional messages or an “all clear” announcement.

What information do you need from me?

We need accurate contact information, including your cell phone number, If you wish to receive text messages (in addition to a voice messages).  If you do not have a cell phone, please provide the best number to reach you in an emergency.

What if I don’t own a cell phone?

If you do not have a cell phone, please enter the best number to reach you in an emergency. The college will still send you messages about campus emergencies through other channels.  For example, voice messages will be sent to your dorm and/or home phone.

I am a CMC student.  How do I submit or update my contact information?

Contact the front desk staff at the campus you are attending.

I am a CMC employee. How do I submit or update my contact information?

Employees self-maintain phone numbers through Click on employee or faculty, and then enter My Profile to update your information.

Will I receive information other than emergency alerts from CMC ALERT?

No. Colorado Mountain College only intends to use this emergency notification system for emergencies that threaten the safety of the Colorado Mountain College community or that significantly disrupt programs and activities.

Who will be notified through CMC ALERT?

All students and employees of the college will receive emergency notification in some way.  Messages may be sent using text messages, voice messages, and/or e-mail.  However, only those who have provided updated cell phone information can be contacted via text message.

What other emergency notification systems are used at CMC?

Currently, Colorado Mountain College uses the following systems depending on the specific emergency:

  • Phone calls & voicemail
  • CMC provided Email
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Outdoor sirens
  • Classroom loudspeakers

Do I need special software to receive messages?

The Emergency Notification System is a hosted and managed service, so you will not need special hardware or software to receive messages.

What steps are taken to ensure the information I submit is secure?

The contact information submitted for use with the emergency notification system is stored locally at Colorado Mountain College in the administrative computer system which is protected by multiple layers of physical and technological security.

Will my contact information be sold to telemarketers? NO.

Colorado Mountain College, or its affiliates, will not sell, lease, or share, personally identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of Colorado Mountain College, ever!