Internet Use Policy

A statement on the appropriate use of technology at CMC

Colorado Mountain College owns and operates a variety of technology and telecommunications equipment, systems, networks, and resources, which are provided for use by faculty, students, administration, and staff in support of the programs and mission of the College, and are to be used only for education, instruction, administration, public service, and other purposes related to the mission of the College. Commercial uses are prohibited.

student in classroom at computer with bookUse of the College’s technology and telecommunications resources is not a right, but a privilege, much like the privilege of using CMC libraries. All users of College technology resources are expected to use those resources in a responsible, ethical, efficient, and professional manner consistent with all applicable laws and policies. Violation of these policies may be grounds for loss of privileges, disciplinary action under other College policies, or legal sanctions under Federal, State, and local laws.

Complete detail of the Appropriate Use of Technology Policy may be obtained through the Campus Dean, Assistant Campus Dean for Student Services or Student Services Counselor at your site.