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Ben Saheb

Building Connections “Sustainability Studies taught me how I can help build a better and more interconnected community. I want to teach this through my films.” Ben Saheb was chosen by Ecoflight to tour the Western US by air to learn about man’s impact on the environment. Read More…

Erick Becerril

Passionate about sustainable building “I find myself in a cutting-edge program that is teaching society about the repercussions and responsibilities that we must hold to preserve our future.  It (the degree) has opened up a lot of doors for me, not only in the business sector but also just being a professional within my community. […]

Jake Black

After earning his associates degree Jake combines pursuit of his bachelor’s degree with his life on the professional snowboard circuit, taking a full load of classes each fall semester and then taking spring off to compete and pursue filming projects. The one semester a year schedule means that Jake will take longer than two years […]

Gary Keeling

Everyone is given a voice “The faculty promote a forum style of discussion in class. That really attracted me. In the past, my educational experiences have been that teaching has been one-way. The discussion format is what these classes are all about:  you study, then come into class and articulate your ideas. That was a […]

Cody & Tyler Jensen

Paramount to further life success “The type of education you get here is paramount to further life success: You’re in small classes which challenge you to really think. And, the academics are just as good as if we’d gone to our other potential choices. The combination of the two degrees provided us an incredible learning […]

Georgie Weber

I love the work that I’ve been doing “My experience in the Sustainability Studies program has been empowering and eye-opening. I was able to get a degree in a field that I have always been passionate about, and I’ve already obtained a job in a field I love. I love the work I am doing […]

Bailey Matthews

An impact on my life “The world is in need of change. This degree program has introduced many fantastic mentors into my life that have – and will continue to – make an impact on my life and the choices I make.” Bailey Matthews, Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Studies graduate. Read more …