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Michael Whigham

Skills and Knowledge “Throughout m professional and personal experiences, I have utilized the leadership, teaching, technical and interpersonal skills which I learned in the Outdoor Education program. These skills and knowledge have allowed me to excel in the fields of experiential education and leadership development.” Michael Whigham transferred to the Recreation program at Western State […]

Chad Mickschl

Superior Faculty “The outdoor program gave me a great foundational knowledge and set of skills to build upon and start a career in the outdoors. The staff is some of the most qualified and student-centered staff that I have experienced. They are there for their students first and want to see them succeed. I am […]

John Guerrerio

Creates Lasting Awareness “The perfect synthesis of technical outdoor skills and teaching methodologies, the Outdoor Education program at CMC gives its graduates the necessary tools needed to become an effective instructor in the field and in the classroom. By providing direct wilderness experiences, the program at CMC made me a lifelong environmental advocate and has […]

Amy Marino

More than Teachers — Mentors “My instructors were extremely passionate about the courses they were teaching. The leadership skills and sense of place I developed through CMC play an integral role in my work. I now see those educators as more than just teachers, I consider them mentors for life.” Amy Marino graduated from the […]

James Skurupey

Knowledge and Power “CMC’s Outdoor Education program gave me the knowledge and power to strive ahead in my higher educational goals and life’s experiences. My degree in outdoor education provided valuable knowledge that transfers to my current profession as an environmental scientist.” James Skurupey instructed and assisted with outdoor education courses while completing his bachelor’s […]